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The Soccer Factory...

San Antonio Soccer Store

The Soccer Factory family of employees is proud to be part of the largest specialty store in Texas. In addition to providing our customers with the latest soccer apparel and equipment, we take pride in our vast cumulative knowledge of the game. Our team of soccer professionals is highly educated as well as experienced in all areas of soccer. We feel confident we can aid you in making the correct decisions as far as performance and appearance on the field. Customer service is what The Soccer Factory is all about. We love what we do!

It's because of our people.

By encouraging one’s ideas, convictions and beliefs, the right teammates can make your dreams come true.

Ivan & Lucy Ontiveros


Ivan and Lucy

Ivan and I are the ultimate husband and wife combo!  While Ivan moved from California to Texas at the age of twelve,  I was born and raised in this exotic place called San Antonio where we now both call home : ) While our relationship began as “High School Sweethearts,” it eventually evolved into a fantastic marriage, two wonderful kids, and a close knit family of employees.

Ivan’s eighteen years of soccer experience began in Los Angeles, California, where his mom and dad owned two successful soccer specialty stores (Soccer World). While I am also a soccer fan, I wanted something a bit different and started another online business about 9 years ago. What began as a hobby has now expanded into eight different websites and growing!  Ivan and I decided to combine both of our interests/talents “under one roof” which we call The Soccer Factory. Both of us realize how fortunate we are to have a devoted staff that's passionate about the game and the vision of our parent company Teamcast LLC .

Jeff Foor

Internet Sales Manager


I love The Soccer Factory!  Hi, my name is Jeff Foor and I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. I did visit Austin for a few years where I received a degree from the University of Texas. After graduation I moved back to more familiar surroundings and spent the next twenty years as an entrepreneur within the San Antonio community. I eventually sold my business and joined the Teamcast family in 2004. Since soccer had consumed my soul for the previous 25 years (coaching and training), this was a perfect fit. Let me share my passion with you!

Other interests include: Picture framing, art in general, travel, anything to do with history.


Pete Palomino

Store Manager


I first fell in love with the sport at the age of 5 while playing out on the street in front of my abuelita’s house in Guadalajara, Mexico. It has been a part of me ever since.

After I graduated from Tom C. Clark High School, I earned a full athletic scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. There, I played for four years and graduated with a Bachelors in International Studies with a business focus.

When I completed my degreed I moved back to San Antonio and began to pursue my two passions: soccer and business. Working at the Soccer Factory has now allowed me to integrate both soccer and business.

In my spare time I enjoy listening to my favorite music hip hop and jazz, such as Lupe Fiasco, Nas, Jay-Z and Oluedara. Every so often you can catch me at Godai eating my favorite food, sushi or raising a little cane on the soccer pitch.

Tim Patty

Creative Dept. Manager


Tim is a our mad Irishman, who grew up playing soccer right here in SA. Starting at age 10 with the Buccaneers Soccer Club as a Right Back (Now-a-days he's Left Out:), he's had the chance to travel all over the United States and Europe playing against top teams in his age group. Having played with the Buccaneers for 7 years, he's achieved several State Championships and tournament wins with his club. In 1992 at age 23, Tim moved to Dallas and tried out for the outdoor professional team, the Dallas Rockets, and landed the Right Back position. He also played for the first Semi Pro indoor soccer team in San Antonio. At age 43, the mad Irishman continues to play both indoor and outdoor competitively.
 ...oh, he's also our graphics dude and yes, he very good!

Victor Padilla

Print Room Manager

VicI was born in Modesto, California but moved to Seattle Area in Washington when I was 13. Two years later, I moved to San Antonio, Texas. Now 21 years old, I’ve been an employee at The Soccer Factory for over a year. Being on board with a company of this magnitude, there’s no telling what’s going to happen.  Indirectly, soccer itself brought me to this job. I was actually on a team, playing for a local men’s league, and my coach just so happened to be a friend of the owners, and prior employee. I was fresh out of high school, maybe a year or so, and needed a job. I gave great recommendations, got my foot in the door, and the rest is history.

Octavio Rodriguez

Customer Service Representative


I am currently going to school for International Business. My biggest passion in life is soccer; I have played it all my life. My objective in life is to achieve all my goals and be the best in everything I do. Working as a CSR has brought me the opportunity to work with a great team which make me very happy with my job. My job not only allows me to help people equip their team with our uniforms, but it also gives me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and self-education.

Vanessa Garcia


VanessaMy name is Vanessa Garcia. I am a proud mother of two boys (15 if you count the guys at work). My other job is working for The decal department for 3.5 years. I'm the Production Artist for My Spirit Decal and I produce car window decals for customers all over the country. This department is what started Teamcast LLC. So, it's exciting to be part of a great team with vision. It's also my job to make sure that all the boys in the company behave!

Austin Rodriguez

Website Engineer


You may call me Austin, of The Soccer Factory. I am the guy that knows the cleat for your feet; I am also the master of the web for The Soccer Factory. I am a 23 year old young buck with long black hair and a goatee,with Bachelors of Art degree from The University of the Incarnate Word. While attending UIW I had the pleasure to play four years which was a blast while it lasted. As a hobby, I design graphic t-shirts and cleats, who knows, I may be designing your cleats one day.

Juan Javier


JuanMy name is Juan Javier.  I was born in San Antonio, TX and raised both in Monterrey Mexico and the US. I have been involved in Futbol since I was 8 years old and followed both CF Rayados De Monterrey and FC Barcelona. I have worked for The Soccer Factory for 2 years, currently working in Accounts Payable with ambitions of one day becoming a Pharmacist.


HR Dept.

WarrenMy name is WARREN. I was born in Antarctica and moved to the US for employment opportunities. I have never played soccer until I came to the US. My favorite team is any with nice colors. I have worked at The Soccer Factory for 1 days and enjoy being part of our HR department returns and repoman. I have also taken up the duties of Soccer Mom and Trainer/Scout for our indoor and outdoor soccer team.”